To Burn Belly Fat, Everything Must Come Together

Now I know what you maybe thinking, "What do you mean by everything? I am currently doing everything. I eat healthy, I exercise, I diet, what could I possibly be not doing?"

Hear me when I say I have been where you are and I have worked with hundreds of women on your exact problem. I am a therapist, functional practitioner, and Naturopathic Doctor because you have to know not only what to do but more importantly how to live in order to gain and maintain a thin waistline.

If I had to guess, I would assume that by this point you have gained and lost weight several times over. Weight loss is relatively easy and fat loss can feel impossible. Weight loss for many is a specific amount of time where you were able to focus on eliminating foods and drinks that you know are not good for you. Eliminate the obvious bad decisions long enough and you may lose weight. The problem arsies the moment you lose focus, are presented with un-accounted stress, or dont have a plan for overcoming tempting situations (just three examples of many). If you are someone who knows that you need more then a meal plan because you eat poorly in the face of stress, frustration, anxiety, depression, when pressured socially, or even when you are celebrating then you need to email about joining Think Thin. Sorry for that quick detour, back to belly fat.

Your mid-section plays by completely different rules then the rest of our body. Some of us can simply exercise and reveal a six pack by the end of our efforts but for most of us, it takes an act of congress just to see a number on the scale we can kind of live with. The point I want you to take home is that most of us cannot burn enough calories to reveal our abs. Age, stress levels, medication, poor sleep, cravings, hormone imbalances, estrogen dominance, and insulin resistance are just a few of the contributors that impact our waistlines AND nothing says that we cannot have a combination if not all of these problems and more simultaneously. Let's quickly speak to inflammation.

What I want you to know is that inflammation can occur througout the body and we typically will not find out where the problem arises until it becomes a serious issue. Inflammation around our livers for example can contribute towards Non Alcholic Fatty Liver Disease for example. Now, no one goes to bed on Monday with no inflammation around their liver to have a diagnosible condition such as NALFD on Tuesday morning. It takes time for inflammation to damage our organs enough to the point where we have a dianosible disease but, if there is one sign that something isn't quite right it would be belly fat. Belly fat is most often a symptom of stress. So the question isn't whether an individual with a significant amount of belly fat is experiencing stress, the question is what is the root cause(s). I need to make root cause potentially plural because here is how this can go.

With insulin being your primary fat storing hormong you maybe experiencing some level of insulin resistance. Yes, high insulin levels alone can and will contribute to insulin resistance but what if you have eliminated sugar and high allergen foods in your diet, sleep like a baby every single night,and have moved to a monastery where you experience no stress whatsoever? You have to know what to do once you have made all of the necessary lifestyle changes you need to make. You can't assume that the moment you decide to live healthy that you body will just as quickly snap to looking healthy. You have to stop the bleeding by making the necessary lifestyle changes and then and only then, make concsious steps towards fixing the damage that has been done. Rarely if ever do we simply gain fat. With fat gain usually comes other physiological issues that must be addressed if you are going to eliminate belly fat and reveal your six pack abs.