What Is The F4L Detox?

The F4L Detox is a comprehensive program that includes the following:

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Detox Lifestyle Plan
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Detox Supplements (Cannot Purchase In a Store)
  • Meal Review Within The Online Support Group
  • Group Coaching Call

Participants have consistently lost 4 – 7 lbs within the first week without any increase in activity.

Who Is The F4L Detox For?

The F4L Detox is for anyone who has never participated in a comprehensive detox plan, who is weight loss resistant, who receives a high score on our “Detox Assessment Quiz”, or has been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

Our liver is our grand central station when it comes to burning fat. The more efficient our detox pathways are, the more time and energy or bodies can use to effectively burn unwanted fat.

When Is The Next Detox SignUp?

Start date is January 3rd
Registration: Closes on December 22nd, (Rush orders on 12/27 incur shipping charges)