Can I use my insurance to work with Tiffany in regards to therapy?

Yes! Fit 4 Life now accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield.

What is BootCamp or Tabata?:

A 4-week program of intense outdoors and indoors training focusing on: Caloric burn, fat-loss, increased strength and stamina, more balance and a stronger core or translation tighter abs, perhaps evern, a little fun!

(an understatement) cardio, resistance training, different courses, core training, plyometrics and more, that’s how. Each week is different, energizing and challenging, you will push yourself harder than the week before and perhaps harder than you ever have. You will have the support, encouragement and competitive contribution of the other BootCampers or participants, don’t forget my reinforcement as well! Please bring your own mat and set of 5-8lbs DB’s (lite) or 10-12lb DB’s (Extreme).

For those that want to take it to the next level there is customized nutrition counseling available individually for $65. Additional coaching beyond program set up is billed seperately. This is available as a supplement. With the two combined, you will be extremely successful.


Is Boot Camp held inside or outside?

The camps are outside in the Fit 4 Life Studio lot, tabata is inside the studio. The address is: Bldg Mallard Creek 3, 8604 Cliff Cameron Drive- Suite 163 (back of bldg), Charlotte NC 28269. The studio is near the major intersection of Mallard Creek and Harris Blvd, the Ben Craig Center is nearby. This is the Mallard Creek Center business park.

Who is Boot Camp for?:

The Boot Camp program is for the average healthy adult of beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness level. It is for you if: you can’t seem to get in at least 3 hard days of cardio and resistance per week, If you hate working out by yourself and don’t push hard enough, if you just don’t know what to do, or if you seem to have hit a plateau and are tired of wasting your time. If you are dedicated to making a difference in your health this camp is for you.

If you are not afraid to be pushed to your limits then it is time to sign up. I don’t care where the motivation is coming from, whether it is because you need to get in shape or tone up quickly, need to lose weight for a special occasion or just want a serious challenge in your exercise program!?

What you need to do now, is mentally prepare yourself to experience what your body can do for you and oh yeah get ready to have your Butt-Kicked!!
Late registration fee is$15 Early Registration is strongly encouraged to prevent camp cancellation.Camp space is limited. Fee: $15 each for the 11 sessions . No evening bootcamps offered only mornings. Email or call 704-491-2216 to register.

What is The F4L Diva Slim Down?

It is a 21-28 day program that is designed to not only elicit weight loss, but also tap into the healing benefits of food. The F4L Diva Slim Down is based on the idea that food is medicine and that overexposure to the same foods repeatedly, causes problems. The less of an allergen a food is to your system, the less likely you are to struggle with weight loss resistance, headaches, hormone issues, digestive problems, energy drops, brain fog, mood issues etc. The Slim Down used to be called The F4L Challenge, but that didn’t capture the energy of what Fit 4 Life is about. This is a Lifestyle, not a Diet or short term nutrition program.

What can I expect?

The first 7-10 days are a form of detoxification for the body. You will lose roughly 7-10lbs during this detox. Beyond this you you can expect to lose 12-15 pounds during the first 3-4 weeks total. More importantly you will feel better, improve your biometrics, lose midsection weight, reduce cellulite, improve your menstrual cycle, digestion, and energy.

How many meals will I eat?

3-4 a day and there is minimal to no snacking during the day.

How much shopping should I expect?

You will be purchasing food for lunch primarily. The breakfast and dinner meals are provided by your Slim Down kit with the exception non –dairy milk, fruit and veggies.

Can I participate if I only have 5-10 lbs to lose?

Yes, there is a plan for you.

What will I need to do daily?

You will be prepping, planning and eating your meals, after which you will post a picture of your meals in our private nutrition coaching group. Posting daily is part of how we help you with your meal plan.

How many others are there in the group?

On average there are 10-20 Diva’s/Divo’s in the group.

How do I start?

You will select the correct level of The F4L Diva Slim Down for your weight loss goals and level of experience.

What is the difference between each Slim Down Level?

Each Slim Down is separated by weight loss goals. Additionally it is based on how much experience you have with the Eat-FIT program. If you have completed any of the Fit 4 Life programs: The F4L Challenge, The F4L Diva Slim Down, The EAT-Fit program, then just focus on your weight loss goals. If you have never completed any of the programs, then you want to start with Fundamentals.

Do I have to start with Fundamentals?

If you have completed any of the Fit 4 Life programs: The F4L Challenge, The F4L Diva Slim Down, The EAT-Fit program, then just focus on your weight loss goals. If you have never completed any of the programs, then you want to start with Fundamentals.

Once I have completed Fundamentals, which program should I complete?

You will move the program that fits with your weight loss goals. Keep in mind that the Fundamentals has multiple sub levels, and so do the other Slim Down Levels, there are Sub-Levels. The idea is that you only move on when it is completely appropriate for you.

Can I participate if I am a Vegetarian/Vegan?

Yes, the program can be modified for your nutrition needs. Additionally there are vegan protein bars, shakes, proteins and cakes to support your program.