Heat Maximizing Tummy Tightener#


– Soft Polyester inner lining, Nylon outer lining and a thin 1.5mm neoprene middle lining.
– Embedded Bio-Ceramic Material to reflect body heat.
– Designed to help smooth and contour your abdominal/lower back area, while providing support.
– Fully adjustable. Features smooth seams throughout for maximum comfort, a pocket for your phone/keys and a soft waistbandSmall (Up to 28″)
Medium (Up to 36″)
Large (Up to 46″)

DELFIN’S HEAT MAXIMIZING Collection is comprised of a thin layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material which reflects body heat which is in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The Tummy Toner is designed to smooth and contour your abdominal/lower back area and is more comfortable than alternative products. Each size is completely adjustable. The soft neoprene material contours to fit most body types. Great for both Men and Women. Secure velcro closure pocket with easy open pull tab. Designed to fit your IPod/Keys/Cell Phone. WARNING: Not advised for use during pregnancy, but a great post-birth product to assist reshaping your mid-section

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