Sugar Detox


How do I know if I should complete the Sugar Detox?

The F4L Diva Sugar Detox is a 3 week program that includes:

  • Virtual Nutrition Plan
  • Approved Food Lists
  • Supplements For Sugar Cravings
  • High Fiber High Protein Whole Food Protein Bars
  • Daily Accountability Within a Private Facebook Group

If you identify with having an Adrenal Body Type or Thyroid Body type then you should begin with this program. Removing sugar from the diet is the most important aspect of shifting your body to your desired weight and shape.

Adrenal types, what you have to realize is that you have a two sided problem. The sugar you are consuming is causing stress on your body and that stress, is resulting in the production of cortisol by your adrenal glands. The other side of your current problem is that cortisol causes your body to turn your muscle into even more sugar. Now guess what all of this available sugar within your body tells your brain to do? Crave more sugar! It's an endless cycle of sugar cravings that you seemingly cannot shake no matter how motivated you are. Sugar that you either consume or that your body creates internally stimulate the insulin response and body fat, under no circumstance, can be burned in the presence of insulin. So your sugar consumption/exposure allows you to simply gain weight with seemingly no hope in sight.

Thyroid types, what you need to understand is that when the type of stress I explained above lasts long enough, your body will eventually shift to a thyroid type. This is when you are storing fat seemingly all over your body. Think about it this way. If your body is currently under a lot of stress, how focused will it be on providing you with a superior metabolism? Your body cannot focus on recovering from the damage sugar places on it AND, burn a significant amount of fat. This would be the equivalent of being productive at work while the building is burning down (the burning in this case shows up as inflammation caused by the sugar exposure).

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