• The older I get I realize that aside from God the next most important in your life is your health. I’m thanking Him for an outstanding yearly physical where all of my numbers were excellent! !! Thank you Tiffany Brown @ Fit4Life and the Fit4Life family for the encouragement along the way. #redefined2014 Dee (50 yrs old)- 2 GREAT workouts today!!! Burned 1200+ Calories, didn’t know a body could do that:) Lots of fun and energy!!! Sharitta S.-It’s a F4L party yall! A tough act to follow!

  • It’s a F4L party yall! A tough act to follow!

  • Best show prep to date- ReneeRenee 2, Renee 3

  • I Literally had to call on Jesus tonight at Zumba! My legs kicked me in my stomach and my arms told me No so all I could do was call on Jesus!!! I’m pooped but I love the progress I’m making!!!


  • Thanks Justin and Tiffany Brown for an awesome boot camp, what a great way to end the week!!! Have a fit day FB family.. — at Tiffanysfit4Life Studio

    Viva T
  • EXCELLENT first day of camp…and energy to spare (or maybe it’s just the adrenaline of seeing New Kids on the Block tonight at the arena :-P) I got to be in Group 1 today, which is my only goal in life, aside from wealth. Seriously, my fitness goal isn’t a 10k or half marathon…it’s keeping up with Group 1 Yolanda W, welcome to the addictive torture. You did great! — at Tiffanysfit4Life Studio.

    Charlie B
  • Exercise +Nutrition = 8lbs lighter, 1 inch tighter & feeling great!!! Thanks to Tiffany Brown at Fit 4 Life. Eat clean, Train dirty!!!!

    Darlene B
  • Tiffany Brown, we’ve done it again! We’ve hit another milestone. Now down 50 pounds!!! Wow, did I just say that?!?! Just when I think that I have a handle on the workout expectations, you change it up and always keep me on my toes! I swear, I think I see new muscles pop out on a regular basis. You are brilliant! Thank you SO much!!! (We can’t cut the burpees anytime you get ready though!! Fa’real!!!)

    Personal Training Client
  • FINALLY… the numbers on the scale are moving…between exercising 6 days a week and the nutrition plan that I downloaded from Tiffany Brown Fit4life. So happy!! #10poundsdown. THANKS to my sis Regina Reaves for introducing me to the Fit4life family:) Still have little hiccups but majority of the time I have been on point with the plan and FULL. #letsgo#igotthis

  • Thank you soooo much.! True I did lose a majority of the weight before we met on valentine’s day BUT w/o u & Justin I doubt be as motivated as I am now to keep going & keep it off. You’ve also helped me with my confidence… “Sexy Zumba” is everything to me & since February I’ve only missed 2 weeks (both were for doctor appointments) I’ve never been that dedication to anything before. Especially not to working out & my health. But having fun while losing weight?! Shot sounds like a win win to me. Thank you for being an inspiration to me & others & helping me keep going daily, no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today w/o your help.! You’re totally awesome.!!!!!!

  • GM it a beautiful day today, this morning had a session with my coach/ training/ fitness queen Tiffany Brown where we went over nutrition, this along with the four classes I take will get me to a desired weight and total makeover inside and out where it will last great lifestyle change so excited, now that I’m working hard to get my body straight now it has to formulate in my mind knowing that I will never go back to what and where I was…. A special thanks to Tif n Justin for all the training and pushing n can’t forget love

  • OMG I just had my first Tabata class with Justin & it was everything. I think he just gave me life.!!! We all know that I tried tabata for the 1st time in February & ended up straining my neck because of my lack of knowing the proper form & trying to keep up with the rest of the class though I had no clue what I was doing. 8 classes later I ended up with migraines that landed me in physical therapy for 10 weeks. I knew I loved to format of tabata but since my PT ended I’ve been afraid to try another class with a different instructor… Until today.! & I loved it. Geesh it was tough but we all know nothing in life comes easy. & not only did Justin talk us through the moves, he did them with us.!!! Awesome.!!!! So it’s safe to say I now have another reason to love Fridays. Note this is my first class & tomorrow I’ll probably be b!tching & cursing him, but for now him & Tiffany Brown are my inspiration & are my favorite fitness couple EVER.!!!!

  • This is one of the reasons I love Fit 4 Life, everyone has a testimony & gladly gives it, inspiring others to meet their challenges with getting fit & most of all healthy. We instantly become a family, supporting one another in our struggle & celebrating us in our achievements. And yes, Tiffany Brown, you have a God given gift that inspires us all and we thank you & love you for it even in the midst of the torturous pleasure of your boot camp, ;)which,btw, is the best there is!. To my Fit 4 Life fam, Tiffany Brown,Justin,Yolanda Williams, Geri Ayers, Regina Reaves, Sharitta Speight, Mijanou Warren Rogers, DeLaine Jones, Andrea Turner, Tianna, Christie, Charlie Crisp & all the others that are not on my FB page but will get this by way of another, thank you for your friendship & support. No matter, how small you think it may be, a kind or encouraging word goes a long way.

  • Enough can’t be said about Tiffany and Justin…their they are just two awesome people that shows how much they care by beating us up but only to become better….Them bear crawls Justin put us thru yesterday though…… then he said “you saw it coming” lol yup inside two days and he is let free on a Friday to open the bag on us….and at the end you feel good about it all….. Oh and not to mention the flexibility these two show to continue to accommodate each of us is just amazing. All the while showing there is no real reason not to make time in your day to get a workout in…. #lovetheF4Lfam

  • I have lost about 12 pounds..I know some inches off the waist and thighs because my pants are fitting loose. I dropped a shirt size which was big for me. I just learned to stay away from fried food as much as possible…eating more vegetables…no carbs at night..pre packing my food and snacks for the week. There are days I may fall off the wagon…but I try not to beat myself up about it and get back on track. I know Im a working progress and Im getting there. Also having my sister introducing me to Fit4Life helped motivate well as her giving me little tips:) They say a picture says a thousand words… Well I have an album to reflect the 92 lbs I’ve lost & maintained since 10.1.11. It hasn’t been easy but by eating better & finally learning to enjoy exercise I’m a new person with a new attitude. Before October 2011 I’d hear people say the only way you can successfully lose weight is by diet & exercise & there’s no secret or magic pill, once I accepted that & said I’d fight tooth & nail to improve my life everything about my life improved. I started slowly by cutting down on my soda, subbing one cup a day for water & by walking slowly on the treadmill for 30 min’s 3x a week. Now I hate soda (I used to drink over 80 oz a day + 32 oz of sweet tea & maybe 8 oz of water) & now I drink over 100 oz of water a day & can’t take the sugar in tea or soda. I started walking slowly on the treadmill w/o being able to jog for a full minute & now I’m training for a half marathon. Yesterday I ran almost 9.5 miles in 108 minutes nonStop. It’s crazy even when I say it to myself. Know that all things are possible if you put in the work & never quit fighting… Besides if you try, what’s there to lose? Besides pounds know there will be days when you feel like giving up & you want to throw in the towel. At times when I feel like that I look at the album I’m sharing with you & it encourages me to keep going. It’s crazy how pictures can trigger emotions that you thought you had buried. I can look at some of these “before picture” relive the exact day they where taking how I felt that day. I never want to go back to feeling the way I used to & these pictures are a constant reminder of why I shouldn’t stop fighting.

    Shanta James Peggins
  • I have lost 40 lbs since May 2011. After health scare at age 44. Facing high blood pressure, high cholesterol numbers along with battling Lupus forced me to make lifestyle changes to improve my health and quality of life. I changed my diet with the help if Weight Watchers and just started moving. Walking at 30min a day. The weigh didn’t just fall off either. There were many days and weeks I wanted to say forget this. Then I would have a great visit with doctor saying your numbers are great or my chothes fit looser. I never focused on the number of lbs I thought I should loose, I just wanted to be healthy and happy. When I loose focus I try to hold on to that. My journey continues. Zumba 4-5 times a week. Still improving my diet. Welcoming change.

    Lynette Cox
  • Since working with Tiffany, I’ve lost 30+ pounds. To say the process has been easy would be so far from the truth. BUT to say I’m loving the results would be an understatement. It can be done! Weight is not the only thing I’ve lost, I’ve lost old habits, and old mindsets. What has made this while process a little more manageable is the support that surrounds us. Fit4lites challenge and motivate each other. Because results are not immediately evident, doesn’t mean what you are doing is not working…stick with it be patient and celebrate your small victories along the way…

    Christie Washington
  • My 61st birthday was last week and I am in the best shape of my life! Six years ago I weighed 190+, was unhappy with myself, had just had a diagnosis of bone loss, and my Mom was suffering from a degenerative spine. My future was not looking positive. I read Dr. Oz’s book “You Staying Young”, decided to weight train and found Tiffany at Mallard Creek Rec Center. She immediately asked if I wanted to lose weight too. I was on board! Through the exercise, diet changes and cognitive therapy, thrown in, I lost 30+ pounds in 6 mos and have worked to keep my fitness level high and my weight low. My Dad was an outstanding college athlete who was always active, exercising and participating in sports his entire life. He was a great example for me. I smile now because he didn’t always eat for the best health. When those times occurred, he would gain weight, no matter how much exercise he did. But he always came back and never let let the weight stay on long. The past six years have been a journey; finding how much I like to exercise, challenging myself to eat what is healthy and following new research. My husband, Jim, a life long athlete, has joined me with Fit 4 Life for the last 3 years and my daughter, Mary Garges has benefitted also, ramping up her exercise and nutrition. My advice – Never give up on yourself – you can do it if you want it and are willing to lay it on the line. My take is that you won’t fail, even if things don’t progress the way you want every day, a new day dawns and we can give our best effort. Especially with the support we get from our whole Fit 4 Life family.

    Marty Garges
  • Good afternoon 9 month my family and i moved to Charlotte, in thanksgiving of last year we were in a bad accident I had to have surgery, but after all of that I declared that my life we not be over I a lot of weight after losing it the year before but when I got here I was determine to make it no matter what came my way, so I lost two whole dress sizes, all my clothes are two big bit at my goal weight but I not where I was six month ago when I meet Tiffany n Justin my life style has now changed but by making better decisions in what I will will not eat and by committing to work out three to four times a week and I want to say I feel like a million buck and look like to lol hoped I help someone to believe that all things are possible!!!!!

    Margaret Williamson
  • To date, I’ve lost up to 50 pounds. I say up to because it hovers between 45-50 pounds depending on the day of the week.

    My journey began in 2011, I was stressed from work and I found my happy, calming place at the gym. I ran one mile on the treadmill w/out stopping and it’s been ON every since! I am NOT a runner, I still don’t like running, however, I do like what it has done for me.

    I also knew that running would not be enough. I knew that weight training would be required at some point, so I lifted here and there, but nothing structured.

    As fate would have it, through my GREAT friend Tiona Ellis Fuller, I was introducted to Tiffany Brown, in about July of 2012.

    Meeting Tiffany and the Fit4Life family, was by far one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I too am in the BEST shape of my life! I’ve been introduced to SO MANY techniques that I never get bored and my body has yet to plateau.

    My words of advice would be – KEEP PUSHING, even if it requires losing some friends. You want people in your camp that will support and continue to inspire you. I’ve personally had my doubts. I thought that I had become “too small, too skinny” to the point of tears; but, nope. I’m still the same me, only 50 pounds lighter and shopping has never felt so good y’all!!!!

    Is this easy – NOT EVEN CLOSE! But because my desire to be the best me that I can be is so strong, I’m just determined to continue pushing until I reach my desired goals. Given that this is a lifestyle change, it really never ends.

    I also suggest that you acquire an accountability partner, they WORK and for the love BE PATIENT. BE PERSISTENT! BE CONSISTENT! BE Prepared to kick butt and take names! This is YOUR life!

    Last thing, YOU MUST EAT and EAT the right foods. Starvation is NOT an option and it’s not cute either – Well, I’m just saying! I EAT 6 times per day, so FOOD is a must!!!
    Yolanda Travis Williams
  • I had similar experience with thinking I was too skinny as well. I’m happy with me. It’s funny how you can work so hard and loose the weight and doubts can still cloud your mind. Always working to strengthen my mind, body & spirit.

    Lynette CoxYolanda Travis Williams
  • Hello ladies, First off I would like to thank Tiffany and Justin for showing my body @ 50 that it can do more than I ever thought it could do!! When I relocated to Charlotte about a year ago one of the first goal was to find an awesome Zumba Class. I found way more than I ever, ever could have hoped for. I began to learn about nutrition, emotions, muscles, eating habits, getting enough sleep and even making sure I am having regular BM:) you name it Tiffany has covered it. After all that I realized she really knows her stuff!!! Since being around Tiffany and attending workshops and watching her videos, reading articles etc. I have lost about 17 lbs! Some of my friends say “you don’t need to go to Zumba and do weights and all that stuff, but I have to tell them yeah I do, this is how I how am able to be under my ideal weight:) Never thought I would ever see this number at my age. I love being around the younger ladies in class, and it challenges me to keep going. I have not felt so good health wise in a while. I am looking forward to my yearly physical knowing that my Cholesterol number and weight is down. I am learning hard work pays off and results will come. I do have my days when I don’t “feel” like getting up early to work out, but after it is over I NEVER say I hate I did that. I’m always glad I pressed through Praise God. So, for anyone feeling like giving up…… You are so close to what you know you want and can do to make changes in your life! Hang in there and know so many are pulling for ya:)

    DeLaine Holland Jones
  • First of all, I want to say how inspiring and motivating it is to read all these incredible testimonies! My weight loss journey started in Sept 2010 when I joined Weight Watchers. My “Aha” moment happened early in my journey when my father passed away on 10/29/10 – an unexpected heart attack at the young age of 64. I realized that Weight Watchers could not and would not just be another diet (and boy, were there many diets). This had to be a life style change. I had to not only lose the weight, I had to KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD. That was 50 pounds ago. Three years later, I have managed to not only maintain my weight but am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been in my life! For me, losing the 50 pounds was so much easier than maintaining it. I have to work hard to remain motivated and focused. What is my biggest weight loss success tip??? There are so many…ACCOUNTABILITY: I continue to weigh in and attend my WW meetings at least 1x per month. If I weigh in at more than 2 pounds above my goal weight, then I have to pay $. I am happy to say, I have not paid at all since achieving my goal weight in July 2011! REMINDERS: before pictures, journals, notes of my weight loss journey wins and losses; graph of pounds and inches lost, remembering why I choose this life style; CAMARADERIE: surrounding myself with people, who like me, are on this journey – keeps me focused, determined and motivated – so appreciative of Fit 4 Life with Tiffany, Justin, and all of you!! Okay, I seriously could go on and on, but one more – GOALS: It is so important for me to have goals! Without them, I am afraid I would become complacent, which could lead to major setbacks. I set one fitness and one nutrition goal at a time and then JUST DO IT. When I stumble, I pick myself up, shake it off and get back to it! If it is an injury, I heal and take steps to prevent a repeat injury. If I pig out, I forgive myself for my moment of weakness and remind myself that tomorrow starts a NEW day, a clean slate. I keep it real – I expect setbacks and plan for them. I make adjustments, improvements, and keep my eye on the prize. I NEVER GIVE UP!!

    Regina Rivera Frampton
  • A. I do not know. I obsess over numbers; and since I’m already obsessed with the number in the clothes tag, my mental state can’t handle the scale. Occasionally, I weigh myself, and that’s because I’m obsessed with the BMI number and trying to to hit it (told you, once I get a number, I’m stuck). THAT SAID, I can say since I started with F4L in 2002, I’ve stayed consistently down 3-4 dress sizes from where I started.

    B. My vanity motivates me (I just felt Tiffany Brown roll her eyes). I’m a former pageant girl, so it’s just in my nature to be concerned about how people see me. I believe presentation is everything, and I feel as good as I look (no, that’s not dyslexia setting in…when I think I look good, I feel good :-P). My closet keeps me accountable. When I can walk into and know that I can put on anything that’s hanging up without anxiety, that’s the BEST feeling ever! Or when I put on something and find out it’s too big…BETTER feeling! Like most women, I have lots of insecurities about my looks, where I fit in, am I living up to everyone else’s expectations; so, when I look in the mirror and feel good about what I see, I think I carry myself with a little more confidence and become “open” to inviting others into my life. I started working with Tiffany after an incident where I retreated and became a hermit because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I declined invitations to go out w/friends because I was “too fat” (and forget dating!). I stay a work in progress because I’m a nutritional challenge. I listen to Tiffany’s advice (even when she thinks I’m ignoring her) and try to incorporate the changes that aren’t going to be drastically stressful to me. They are small, but eventually they become routine. Then I start on another change. And I’ve accepted it’s going to be a slow process. This is the one area of my life where I’ve had to be patient. I could do it faster, but I’d be miserable, get frustrated and give up.

    Another motivator – having someone to push me. Bootcamp/tabata is one of the best things I ever did for myself. I was going to the gym on my own, but doing the same routines at the same level of intensity that I started at numerous years ago. I’m a creature of habit, so Sharitta Speight and Denise Jenkins Williamspeer pressured me into increasing my weights after getting very comfortable with mine for almost two years :-) And if I don’t show up, I’m getting a text or phone call about it from another camper and I subsequently feel guilty about missing class. That 4:30am alarm has become so routine to me that I can usually wake up (regardless of how little sleep I’ve had) without an alarm! Most people don’t give up sleep regularly or wake up at some ridiculous hour for 3 years unless they REALLY like what they are doing. And I really like having Tiffany (and Justin) in my ear.

    When I get discouraged or exhausted, I think about the fact that even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m doing so much more than the person that hasn’t even started. I think about the changes I’ve seen in people I knew in HS or college and remind myself how good it feels to be the one that has changed for the better. I was never a runner, but I’m signed up for my first 10K this week! The fact that I pay money to go run miles is a HUGE mental shift from the Charlie that started training in 2002. I hate the thought of giving up and having to start from scratch, where I was 11 years ago. It’s been a mentally tough road to this point, and every day–multiple times a day—I have to talk myself out of not putting something in my mouth that I really want. I can’t even convey how hard that part is (I mean, I go visit Oreos and the bakery counters in the grocery store, just to practice self restraint). Again, I go back to the feeling of walking into my closet without anxiety. That’s what keeps me going.

    Charlie Crisp
  • My baby is 11 mths old & I have lost all of my baby weight…a whopping 55 lbs! I believe I hit my goal weight around the 6-7 mth mark. My biggest weight loss success tip is…CONSISTENCY! Once you know what to do and how to do it, you have to just do it…and do it consistently! The on and off thing does not work. I have been working out w/ TBDB for almost 5 yrs now, and that accountability every Mon and Wed is what does it for me. This consistency has made my fit 4 life mentality a lifestyle for sure! There are other factors that have helped (buying a treadmill, becoming educated about what to put in my mouth, having someone help prep my meals, etc) but again, w/o the discipline, the consistency, it would not work for me! #Fit4Lifer#TBDB

    Michelle Williams Horton
  • Just had my 6 month physical this morning and had my lowest blood pressure reading in last 10 years or so, primarily due to effects of BC 2 + BC3 (roughly 12 weeks of regular attendance … I think I missed roughly 3 times in that stretch, although have missed last 4 straight due to work).   BP medicine was keeping from getting worse, but loosing appr. 6 to 8 lbs and building up cardio stamina and strength in that period pushed BP down by 10-15 on the top number and by 10 on the bottom number.  Truly awesome and amazing taking into account how much I’ve truly hated hard exercise my whole life, unless it was required for a sport I was playing and even then, hated that but it was a necessary evil.  My hat’s off to xxxx, xxxx and Fit4Life for making this available and free and convenient to the point where all I have to do is one, single, mindless thing … get in the car and start driving withou Thanks again, XXXX.

    Anonymous Corporate BootCamp Participant
  • When I was eighteen, I received an unwanted comment from a male trainer at the gym I belonged to. He said, “your stomach is big because you are eating the wrong foods, white rice and potatoes”. I politely told him that it was not appropriate to comment on a woman’s body parts. Ten years later, I met a trainer at another gym I joined and he gave me a diet to follow (very close to the one I follow today) and I threw the paper in the trash. I was not interested. Working out at this gym for two years, I saw the same people each week, working out hard and bodies looking exactly the same. I asked the trainer why this wa the case. His reply was, “their diets”.   Well, three years later I moved to Charlotte and crossed paths with Ms. Tiffany. At our first meeting she informed me about the nutrition part of the program. I am 100% convinced that eating differently has made the most improvement with my body. Drinking whole milk and cheese was notgood for my adult body. When Ms. Tiffany gave me the meal list/plan I almost threw it away, but decided that I did not want the same result or to waste my time or money. I was determined to see changes and try the diet. After two weeks, I can honestly say that my taste buds changed and that I liked fat free milk and cheese. The changes that you see in my body took twelve weeks. I lost inches, which look like I lost a lot of weight. Looking at my picture is proof that fat does not weigh much, but takes up a lot of space. I said all of this to say change your diet and be encouraged!

  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tiffany’s Fit 4 Life Program. I found myself topping the scales at almost 185 pounds in January 2006. I was unhappy, unhealthy, and facing the fact that I couldn’t fit into my bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding in June!!! My mother passed away in 2004 after a long battle with breast cancer and diabetes and I was finally determined (or disgusted enough) to do something to make myself healthier.


    I have never been the type to commit to a weight loss or exercise program for very long. I always wanted instant results and would give up after only a few weeks. With Tiffany’s program of combined nutrition and fitness, along with her coaching and coaxing, I lost 10 pounds in the first 6 weeks. After that, the weight just started to melt off of me. I learned the proper technique for weight training and developed strength I never thought I could have. By June, not only did my bridesmaid dress fit, but I had to have it taken in 2 sizes!I lost a total of 40 pounds and dropped over 20 inches over my whole body in just 6 months!! Now I’m eating healthy, I’m more flexible, I feel happier with myself, and my friends and family all say I look great! I couldn’t have done it on my own.

    Dorothea Mbote 02/2006
  • When I graduated from High School in 1976, I was weighing nearly 200 lbs. I had been trying to lose the weight, but did not have the right knowledge nor motivation that was needed to do it correctly or consistently(not many people did then). In the early 80’s I joined a women’s gym, but all they really offered were group aerobic classes.


    Alice Swann 07/2006
  • Then I happened to be reading a fitness magazine (I don’t remember which one it was), and discovered the world of female bodybuilding. I did not think a women could look like that. This inspired me to look beyond the traditional programs for women. I joined Gold’s Gym in the mid 80’s and attempted to weight train. But I still did not have the correct knowledge to train correctly, let alone safely. Thank God I did not injure myself. In the years following, I joined a number of clubs, with no knowledge of what I was doing which would ultimately lead to no gains, frustratration, and finally giving up. In the year of 2002 I had very low self-esteem., I had reached my heaviest weight which was 220 lbs.

    This was about the time I met Tiffany. I really learned a lot from Tiffany in the time that I have been involved in the program. Tiffany’s winning personality, patience, and drive have really motivated me to keep striving. I have lost 57 pounds and kept it off for 3.5 years. I would recommend the Fit 4 Life program to any woman who is looking to making a positive and lasting change in her life as well as her health.

    Cathy Cherry 08/2006