Sugar Burner vs. Fat Burner

Sugar Burner Self Assessment Questions

  1. When I exercise I lose weight. true / false
  2. The weight I have lost is seemingly more muscle then fat. true / false
  3. I think about food constantly. true / false
  4. I regain the weight I lose faster then I can lose it. true / false
  5. I have significant muscle loss in my arms, hips, and glute maximus area with seemingly no weight loss in my mid-section. true / false
  6. When I have cravings they are for sugar. true / false
  7. I have been diagnosed pre-diabetes or I am now a type II diabetic. true / false

Has your attempt to manipulate calories so that you can lose weight failed you one too many times? I am proud to tell you that you have come to the right place.

As women on a mission we only have but so much time to dedicate to losing weight. We need practical SCIENCE based solutions that work. This is why it is important for you to understand that your bodyfat is not this overflowing well that you can simply pull from at any given time. Your bodyfat is storage. Your goal is to pull the energy from your storage and burn it. Calorie manipulation such as eating less, exercising as much as you can, or combining these two methods together certainly address the energy that you have stored as fa but, do not address the fact that you can’t access any of this energy. This manifests in a number of ways.

The first being is that you simply cannot lose weight. The first time you diet you lose, and when you first started to exercise you could lose as well. Unfortunately weight re-gain can quickly erase all of your progress while simultaneously making it harder and harder to repeat your previous results with the same method. Eventually, you find yourself exercising for hours at a time and jumping from diet to diet with a body that is most likely plagued with belly fat.

The second possibility of course is that you do reach your goal weight and goal body. You know your own rules. Follow your diet and exercise and your good to go. Then BAM!!! The cartilage in your knees has been worn through due to the execessive exercise and your weight sky rockets to an even heavier number then you can remember. You now have to lose weight without the very tool that was vital to your previous success.

The last possibility is that you cannot change your behavior to follow any particular plan. You have the workout DVD’s collecting dust near the television, the treadmill is more of an accent piece then a piece of equipment program, and you have the $10 gym membership which simply isn’t charging you enough to

Desi Bush
I'm Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush MS, LPC, BHHC, ND and as an Integrative Rational Living Therapist, Nutrition Coach and Naturopathic Doctor my goal is to help you holistically uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worthy of celebrating.
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