Why Fit 4 Life?

We are a family owned business that offers 360 degree health and wellness services. Our clients are not simply participants seeking assistance as they attempt to improve their health, our clients are a family that supports each other in a welcoming environment where every need is addressed under one roof: nutrition, mental health, fitness, and customized supplementation. 

We connect with our clients constantly either in person, email, or social media. Then all of our clients stay in connection with each other either in person, over the phone, or through social media as well. Our focus is providing the absolute best methods and tools to assist our clients in achieving supreme health and happy hormones.

 Our Facility


The Fit 4 Life studio is an intimate boutique style with bamboo fitness flooring. We utilize cutting edge polar heart rate monitoring equipment during group personal training to ensure safety while trainees execute exercises with dumbbells, resistance bands, and TRX straps. The studio is located in a business park which allows for easy parking.

  • We have been open for 15+ years.
  • We offer Cardio Class, Boot Camp, and Group Personal Training Memberships.
  • Tiffany Brown Bush accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance for therapy services (not applicable for nutrition services)